If you are reading this, then it means that you have just lost your life partner, someone that nobody in this whole world could replace and for that, I am sorry.

When it comes to handling the loss of something so major in your life, there is unfortunately no text book way to ensure a rapid heal.

Everyone grieves in different stages and you, yourself will go through many ups and downs for years to come.

At first, you are going to have no idea what is going on in the world outside of your loss, you will lose contact with friends and family, because being around them just is not the same without your partner there.

People will begin to act different towards you as well, even if they do not mean too, sometimes it is hard to know what to say to someone who just lost their entire world.

For the sake of your loved ones still here, do not be angry with them for their bizarre actions, they might just not know how to handle the loss well either, especially if it was sudden.

The grief will come in waves and at first, you will feel like you are drowning and you will not see them about to crash down on top of you.

They will pull you back under and you will be right back at square one, please know, you are not alone; this is the same thing that happens to everyone in your shoes and you are not going backwards, in fact, this is part of moving forward.

There will come a time in this process, I cannot tell you when, because it is different for everyone, but there will be a point where the waves of grief are significantly less painful and you can cope with it.

They will find you, but you will have some form of time to prepare because you will notice certain things that trigger it such as: a cup of coffee, a street sign, holidays and anniversaries.

Soon enough, those will also become survivable and one day you will not break down and cry in your cereal because of a song you just heard playing on the radio.

It will be a extreme period of loneliness when you are taking your first steps down this road, but it will get better during the path.

You will soon find out that along the way, you will become more social and start making new friends, you might even begin to reconnect with some of the old ones again.

When it comes to dating, do not rush.

The love you had with your spouse will always live inside of you, they will always have a special place in your heart that no one will ever be able to touch and you know what?

That is perfectly okay.

It is okay if you never date again, it is alright is you wait a few years, and it is perfectly fine if you start dating again right away.

For women in particular, if you do decide to hold off on having an intimate relationship with another person but miss the sexual aspects that come with such relationships, remember that an adult toy such as a rabbit vibe is all you really need to achieve the sexual satisfaction that you may otherwise be missing in your life.

Never let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what is best for you, or pushing you into something that you are not ready for; only you will know when that time comes.

When it comes to handling the death of a spouse, it is a hard road, but at the end of the day, you will be okay.

There are many options you can use for speaking with a therapist as well as medications that can be given to speed up the stages of grief, this is not the end for you; stay strong and keep moving forward.

One day at a time.