What happens after we die?

That is a question that has pondered every single person who ever walks this Earth on a daily.

It is one of the most untalked about things upon one another in casual conversation, it is something that many fear the truth about and others are worried about whether or not their decisions will have altered their eternal fate.

So here we are asking the ultimate question of the complete unknown to mankind, is heaven real?

I would like to say yes, to an extend I do believe it is.

It has been taught throughout many religions that Earth is nothing more than a class room, a place to learn in the form of a human body, for we, as spirits learn better with hands on learning, rather than learning in heaven where everything is pure and nothing bad ever happens.

Think about it like this, you can have a child and you can tell that child all day long, ‘Do not go by that fire, it is hot.’

The child will nod in understanding, but a single spark of curiosity will always stay lite inside of the back of the child’s mind, wondering this thing that you call fire and what it actually means for it to be hot.

This burning intensity to know will drive the child to the point of finally going to see if the fire is hot themselves, they will eventually talk themselves into touching it and become burned.

They then will understand the truth behind this flame, but they only will understand in a full level after it has personally effected them.

That is the same concept with Earth, we are here to learn, learn about happiness, pain, sorrow, death, love, hate and every other emotion and lesson this life bares.

Once we learn everything we then return home, to heaven, where we will eventually turn into a pure soul, or a guardian, where we in return watch over other spirits who have not fully transitioned into this state of higher perspective.

Because the blind cannot lead the blind, this is a great process of evolving as a spiritual mass of energy.

Our souls are nothing more than the creation of energy and this creation never dies, we are simply living in a shell of sorts, not to only manage here, but it is important to look at Earth as more of a vacation, than an actual life.

We spend very little time here on Earth relatively speaking. In fact, if you think about how old the Earth really is, you will realize that each of our very existences are infinitesimally small in the grand scheme of not just the Earth, but of the entire universe.

Death is not something that you should fear, it is also not something that should make you be concerned about the ones you loved who have already passed on.

They are safe and so are you, we are all part of a bigger plan, that we sometimes cannot understand, but that is the beauty of life, in order to move forward, we must have faith that we will be carried in the right direction and trust me, you are exactly where you need to be.

Everything happens for a reason, this world, this life, is beyond your control.

Just relax and try your best to enjoy the ride.