If someone whom in which you knew in life has just passed away, typically they had a last will and testament.

This is a document(s) that informs the state of which they lived about who is to receive their items after they have left this life.

These items could be anything from a house, a car, money, family traditions, recipes, etc.

There is really no telling what you might find in someones will, it could also be who takes care of their beloved dog and have a certain set of rules in which the departed wishes that you would follow.

When going to the reading of a will, you will be informed that you are part of the will either by a phone call, email or letter from the deceased’s attorney.

During this contact the lawyer will inform you of where you are to be going, when and what time to show up for the reading.

The reading of the will, is normally conducted in the state of residence of the departed, everyone who is mentioned in the will is going to be put in the same place at the time of the announcements.

Yes, you have to stay until the end of the entire reading, even if you were the first person who was listed and yes, you will not only hear what everyone else was given, but they will know what you have as well.

It is important to know that if you were given any inheritance, that it will not be given to you at the exact time of the reading like they show in the movies, it will have to go through a state process to ensure the government that the person who passed away does not have any debt of any sorts.

If the departed did end up having a lot of debt, that debt will be payed out of your money before you receive any payments, this process normally takes anywhere between three to six months.

For smaller possessions such as jewelry or household personal charms, these can be extracted from the house as soon as the will has been approved, but of course the attorney will have to tag along when you go to the house to ensure that you are only taking the items that were given to you.

When it comes to death, sometimes people can act extremely strange, it is important to help the situation as much as possible by remaining as calm as you can, even if the reading gets out of hand due to other people.

Try to keep all inheritance a secret, if you have a lot of money in your family and other people know that you just received a large sum of money, this could potentially make other people jealous and could end in yet another disaster.

When you are at the reading of ones will, it is a good idea to remain level headed, even if you are upset because your brother got more money than you.

It is never okay, or appropriate to lash out during a will reading, the lawyer might even have you held in jail or you could be asked to leave the area until you are calm enough to continue with the process.

Death alone is a hard process, the reading of ones will is supposed to be an act of final love to the family, it is important to keep it as decent and mature as possible.