If you know someone who is currently going through the hard stuck of death, it is important to know how to handle the situation as gently as possible.

You should be there to always lend a shoulder to cry on if they are in need of one, which means showing up to the funeral, being there on your friends birthday, holidays, etc.

It is important to understand that these times are going to be harder for them than any other time of the year, yet at the same time, even if you call them once a week to see if they would like to get together to do something fun, to help rid their mind of sorrow for a while is always a great option.

Your friend might not be expressing emotions in the way of which you think they might, that is perfectly normal.

It is a good thing if you just go with the flow of their natural response to death, rather than trying to make them act a certain way because that is how you think it should be.

Maybe they will cry for hours every day, it is okay to cry with them.

Or, they could talk about them, like they never left, it is okay, to engage in these conversations and tell your own stories about the departed if you knew them.

Trying to understand their perspective is always the best option when trying to help someone through a situation that is so emotional.

It is not going to be something that they can just get over in a couple of days, so, if you are planning on truly helping this person get over the loss of someone, it is a good idea to know ahead of time that you are going to be in this for the long haul.

Patience is definitely something you are going to need to complete this task, it might seem like they are really doing good for a long time, then all of the sudden they will break down; this is normal.

Do not give up on them, they are trying their best, I promise.

Having compassion for their situation is going to be one of the best thing you could do for them during this hard time, it is always nice to feel the love of others when you are facing death.

Try to put yourself in their shoes, it will not only help you be a better support system, but it will also show this person that you are going above and beyond to try to be as much of assistance as possible.

When you have taken on the task of helping someone deal with the loss of someone else to death, it is important to know that you are getting yourself into a large situation and the end is no where in site.

It is also always a good thing to remember that this person really needs someone stable right now, something that they know will not slip away, because in this moment, they feel like their whole entire world is collapsing around them and they need you to be their strength.